Double the Fun: Buying ARK Dinosaurs Twice as Fast!

Double the Fun: Buying ARK Dinosaurs Twice as Fast!

The world of ARK: Survival Evolved just got even more exciting with the launch of a new feature that allows players to purchase dinosaurs twice as fast. This means that you can now build your prehistoric army in half the time and double the fun!

But why would you want to buy ARK dinosaurs faster?

1. Get Ahead in the Game

One of the biggest challenges in ARK is taming and training your dinosaurs before other players do. With this new feature, you can quickly collect a team of powerful beasts and dominate the game right from the start.

2. Save Time and Effort

Taming and training dinosaurs isn’t an easy task – it takes time, resources, and patience. By purchasing them faster, you can save yourself from hours of grinding and concentrate on other aspects of gameplay.

3. Unlock Higher Level Dinosaurs

In 2x buy ark dinos, higher level dinosaurs have better stats, making them crucial for tasks like raiding or defending your base. With this new feature, you can unlock these high-level animals quicker than ever before.

4. Mix and Match Dinosaurs

With double the speed comes double the variety! Now you can experiment with different types of dinosaurs without worrying about investing too much time into taming them all individually.

5. Stand Out Among Other Players

Being one step ahead in ARK means standing out among other players – both visually and strategically. By having an impressive collection of powerful dinos at your disposal early on, you’ll make a statement that’s hard to ignore.

But how does this feature work exactly?

1) Select “Animals” as the category.

2) Choose which animal(s) you want.

3) If buying with real money through the Steam store, simply confirm the purchase.

4) If buying with in-game resources, look at the cost and time values before pressing “Purchase.

5) Once purchased or when time has run out on a dino awaiting pickup, use an animal taming ticket key (the item icons with a dinosaur icon next to them) inside your inventory menu.

6) Remaining usable key time for any specific animal then shows up in its only placeable ticket configuration.

7) Click ‘Use’ while viewing these keys and it’ll make for each successful approaching premises setting duly left-clicked.

In conclusion, buying ARK dinosaurs twice as fast is a game changer. It’s not just about saving time and resources – it’s about enhancing your overall gaming experience by unlocking new possibilities. So what are you waiting for? Get double the fun now!