Talk Of The Town – Samjam (Samantha Akkineni) Talk Show

Online shows have created a lot of buzz recently whether it be TV series, Reality shows, or Talk Shows. While not being able to watch new releases in theatres, fans got frustrated. Fans wanted to watch their favourite stars in front of the camera again. While things didn’t entirely go their way, Online streaming services such as Aha came up with a bright concept of airing a Celebrity Talk Show. And it did pay dividends. Sam Jam is what we got. The producers roped in Samantha Akkineni as the talk show host which made the fans quite excited. Besides her, they also acquired the services of Comedian HarshaChemudu to make the show a fun-filled one. We can’t help but agree that they made the right decisions. The show, which is streaming on aha, has garnered a lot of attention. Be it the hearty laughter-filled segments, or the heart-wrenching emotional stories, or the nostalgic ride to the past; this show has captivated the audience. Samantha’s impeccable style and conversations with the guests make it the best.

The Aha original show aired its first episode on the auspicious day of Diwali, that is, the 13th of November. And we were graced by the presence of Arjun Reddy star Vijay Deverakonda. The episode saw Samantha and Vijay have a hearty conversation about Vijay’s personal life, his career endeavours, his image as an actor, and much more. He set up storms when he declared he was single. Apart from that, the first episode was full of fun segments and games. The second episode featured Rana Dagubatti and Nag Ashwin as guests. This episode was also filled with fun games and all. But the one part which moved everyone was when Rana talked about his illness. He said how he had been suffering from BP and heart disease since his childhood. The part, which surely welled up tears in every eye, was when the doctors informed him about his kidneys failing. There was a 70% chance of heart stroke and a 30% chance of death after that. But at last, he came back strong. Ashwin also shared about his journey of writing and directing Mahanti, which earned him widespread acclaim.

The Badminton power couple ParupalliKashyap and SainaNehwal guested on the third episode of the talk show. Often as is the case with sports celebrities talking about their long career, rivalries, and all, it wasn’t such a case in this episode. We saw both of them open up a lot about their personal life apart from their sports life. It was a welcome change on the saw as the first two episodes saw film celebs being guests. Moving on to the next episode, we saw one of the most distinguished South actresses grace our screen. She was none other than Tamannaah. It was kind of a girl getaway episode as it saw Tamannaah reminiscing about her long Tollywood career. It was an episode full of stories. We are sure there are more great episodes queued up. As it is, Sam jam has been the talk of the town and it will continue to entertain the audience as such.

Sam jam is now streaming on aha. Watch shows online and movies only on aha.